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Information is copyright 2001-2018 by Astruc Pierre, also known as RCK.
Readers may not modify, publish, transmit or in any way exploit any of the contents of this site, in whole or in part, without the express prior permission of the copyright holder. Direct comments to the appropriate person. All rights reserved.

AWeb APL Lite Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 22 March 2018 01:18

AWeb APL Lite: New version of the famous Amiga Browser, these are the news:

Adds support for AmiSSL 4, and is compiled with gcc 5.4

And AWebJS has support for sending ARexx commands to a host, so you can use it as a standalone ARexx replacement. See the tests in the src directory for example code.

AWeb is a fast standards complient (by that I mean it complies to the standards it supports, not that it supports all standards...) HTML4.01 browser for AmigaOS. It has a powerful AREXX based scripting engine, and in local mode can execute commands from with html pages. This makes it very suitable for a documentation viewer, or GUI for a scripts etc.

AWeb APL Lite 3.5.12: Download


This software is released under the AWeb Public Licence, please read the file apl.txt included in this archive for more information.


AWeb 3.5 may be installed by using the Installer script provided. It is recommended that you back up any previous installations of AWeb or install in a separate directory, but actually there should not be any real problems.
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icon  New server for ready !
Posted by RCK - 20 March 2018 16:29
RCK's Avatar  Dear community,

I'm happy to annouce that the new server is now ready for migration

Migration of all our websites will be done in the next 30 days, so don't worry if you see downtimes.
I will update this post when move of sites will be complete :
  • agf =
  • aha =
  • amilore =
  • amr =
  • classicwb =
  • download =
  • eab =
  • guide =
  • hol =
  • irc =
  • jambo =
  • kaillera =
  • mods = Moved
  • old =
  • pt1210 =
  • stats =
  • wiki =
  • winuae =

To celebrate this new server, I have updated my Mods Jukebox website and it's already moved !
The jukebox will now play mods with Javascript in all modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) and mobile one (iOS + Android).
So you will be able to listen to amiga music when EAB will be down
ps: You can always download mods by clicking on their filenames.
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A/NES PRO v1.20 released
Posted by oRBIT - 18 March 2018 18:53
A/NES PRO is a NES 8-bit emulator for (very powerful) 68k Amigas. This version adds a few minor optimizations to both CPU and PPU-core.
Download here:
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Amiga version of Tower 57 by Benitosub is out
Posted by utri007 - 13 March 2018 11:51
This game :


AOS4: AmigaOS 4.1 FE Upd1, >= 600 MHz, Gfx-card with Compositing support

MorphOS: MorphOS >= 3.9, >= 600 MHz, Gfx-card with TinyGL support

AROS: x86 (e.g. Icaros Desktop >= 2.2), Gfx-card with Mesa3D support

Availlable from Steam

Amiga version availlable to buy here :
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New Directory Opus 5 Book with many extras!
Posted by Retrofan - 07 March 2018 00:05
Retrofan's Avatar is proud to announce the availability of a English user's manual book (printed in hardcover & eBook). Become a true master of Directory Opus 5 - the best file manager ever created!


The book provides a detailed description of Directory Opus 5 operation & configuration with the focus on its newer versions such as Magellan, Magellan II, and the latest version 5.9. The book also discusses program's capabilities of AmigaOS integration as well as AmigaDOS environment and ARexx scripting language. Click for complete Table of Content.


For hardcore fans there's also a Boxed and Collector's Edition available including software on CD and floppies combined with discount coupon for full version of AmiKit X (the powerful emulation package including pre-configured Directory Opus 5.82).


Get it all from
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WinUAE 3.6.1
Posted by Toni Wilen - 04 March 2018 19:23
WinUAE 3.6.1 (04.03.2018) released.

3.6.0 bugs fixed:

- Crash when running on first Windows 10 release version (build 10240) .
- D3D11 mode fullscreen to/from windowed mode change crashes/blank screens.
- D3D11 mode on screen leds on the fly on/off switching.
- D3D11 mode screenshot via GUI button didn’t work.
- Floppy sound type selection was not loaded correctly from config file.
- It was not possible to create "DOS" file names like "AUX" to directory filesystem.

Older bugs fixed:

- Floppy sound used incorrectly empty drive volume level in certain situations.
- PPC emulation interrupt handling rewrite, fixes for example hang/crash problems with NE2000 based network adapters under OS4.
- Not all Advanced chipset options reset when compatible checkbox was ticked.
- Autoscale ignored small vertical display areas in very top of display in some situations.
- Fixed random crash when at least one Input panel custom event string was set, Restart was clicked and then emulation was started again.
- Blizzard SCSI Kit IV (possibly others) SCSI phase error in certain situations.
- Added better validation to clipboard sharing IFF parsing to prevent crashes if data is truncated.
– -joyport2 -config entry incorrectly used port 3 slot.
- Game Ports panel selected Custom input mapping reverted to none in some situations.
- Restart didn't completely free configured emulated network cards.
- Other misc bugs fixed.

New features:

- OCS/ECS only BPLCON2 undocumented feature: "illegal" PF1 or PF2 value is now accurately emulated in dual playfield mode.
- If selected D3D11 fullscreen refresh rate is "default": always prefer highest supported refresh rate.
- Optional threaded emulated RTG VRAM to host OS surface color space conversion/copy.
- Added "Identity" checkbox to Add harddrive panel. If ticked and ATA identity can be read (Direct IDE connection, compatible USB adapter): real ATA identity data is used in emulated ATA device instead of generic UAE generated and drive appears exactly as it does in real hardware (identical name, geometry etc).
- CHS-only IDE drives can now be mounted in emulation and they appear with real size and geometry when using USB adapters that allow identity read but does not support CHS (for example common JMicron based adapters).

New emulated expansions:

- A.L.F.3
- Elsat Mega Ram HD
- Progressive Peripherals & Software Zeus 040

and more as usual.

[bug reports in this thread will be ignored. as usual too.]
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Golden Wing Final (+4) Flashtro Trainer
Posted by warfalcon - 04 March 2018 12:56

Here is the new Flashtro trainer for the recently released GOLDEN WING final
.adf version. The trainer works with the HDD version as well. I hope you enjoy it. The image is also in the zone.

Flashtro Link
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Gold 2.7 release for the Vampire accelerators
Posted by guibrush - 02 March 2018 11:28

The Apollo team is happy to announce the immediate disponibility of the Gold 2.7 core for all Vampires 500, 500+ and 600. You can right now dowload the appropriated core on this link :

The Gold 2.7 core has many inprovements, the most notable one being of course the hardware FPU. But this is not the only one new thing ! Here is the changelog :

[GOLD2.7] (02.03.2018)
* Added fully pipelined hard FPU with peak 78 MFlops
* Added native support for all 68882 FPU operations without need of extra libraries
* Added new high performance memory controller, reaching 600 MB/sec memory speed
* Added MapRom support
* Added Workbench hardware sprite support
* Added Scanlines optional mode for retro look of games on HDMI output
* Added RangerMem (A500 slowmem) for better compatibility with some old games/demos
* Added new boot pic
* Improved MPU (memory protection) with catching memory access error Enabled
* Improved AMMX 2 instruction set with acceleration features for video decoding, image decoding, 2D-games, 3D-games
* Improved WHDLOAD compatibility
* Improved Faster Boot time

Like always, we are waiting your feedback on IRC : 6697 (SSL)/6667 (non SSL) #Apollo-Team

We wish you a good installation !
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Warp Engine SCSI driver converted for PP&S Zeus 040 (and others)
Posted by Toni Wilen - 28 February 2018 19:51
And now something totally different: MacroSystem Warp Engine warpdrive.device SCSI driver converted to other 53C710 based SCSI controllers.

This quick project started when I saw request from wmaciv asking for working PP&S Zeus 040 SCSI driver. Official driver is quite bad, it uses all CPU time and is quite buggy.
I took the challenge because technically it should be easy (and it was!), 53C710 is all-in-one SCSI chip, no external DMA or other hardware needed so the "only" task was remapping 53C710 registers.

There was two obvious choices for driver, A4091 or Warp Engine. I chose Warp Engine because Warp Engine ROM driver is in normal relocatable executable format (+small loader) which made it easy to disassemble. Note that 53C720 is too different and can't be used with 53C710 driver or vice versa. All later variants (including 53C8xx) are fully or almost compatible with 53C720.

Executable version (run it in shell, drives get detected and partitions mounted) Zeus 040 driver was quickly done under emulation (I don't have Zeus 040) and surprisingly it worked perfectly on real hardware too (I didn't really expect it..). ~8M/s speed using SCSI2SDv6 with over 90% CPU availability.

Next step was ROM version (not yet tested, Zeus 040 has unusual ROM chip package size). And finally I also did two mostly useless versions: one for A4091 and another for A4000T built-in SCSI.

Included drivers:

warpdrive_a4000t: Executable/rommable A4000T driver.
warpdrive_a4091.rom: A4091 ROM driver. (No executable version because A4091 does not have no-autoboot jumper)
warpdrive_zeus040: Executable Zeus 040 driver.
warpdrive_zeus040.rom: Zeus 040 ROM driver (needs odd/even splitting).

A4091 and A4000T drivers are emulation only tested but I expect them to work because Zeus 040 driver worked perfectly fine on real hardware
Ignores SCSI ID/mode jumpers: ID=7, 100ns sync mode (fastest possible).
ROM version mode can be changed if needed by changing single value using hex editor.
Executable versions take optional parameter (0 to 7) which matches Warp Engine K, J and H jumper setting.

Currently only uploaded to the zone ( If spreading hacked files based on 3rd party drivers is not ok, I'll replace them with patches against Warp Engine ROM image.
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Summary about Vampire project
Posted by Daff - 22 February 2018 07:35

For people interested by the Vampire cards, there is a transcription of the presentation done by Tuko and Guibrush at the Alchimie 12 show help in France in november.

It's a bite late but it's a very complete overview of the project with history, specifications, charts, future, etc.
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BetterWB 4.3
Posted by kgc210 - 20 February 2018 13:38
Long overdue update to BetterWB is out, been almost 2 years since last update.

History & changelog:

4.3 – Minimal public update 08-02-2018
Icon.library updated to 46.4.473
Redit updated to 1.16
BoardsLib updated to 3.42
Say updated to 38.5
Speak-Handler updated to 39.1
HardWiz updated (AcaTune 1.91)
Fixed mathtrans.library bug

I like to use it as an alternative to ClassicWB when I don't need all the eye candy.
Also makes a good base if you want build your own WB
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icon  AmigaOn meeting in Ontario, Canada (April 7th)
Posted by retroredrum - 15 February 2018 17:45
retroredrum's Avatar  Hi all,

the second edition of AmigaOn is coming on April 7th !

It's happening in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

if you want to know more, here's a public event in facebook (you don't need an account) :

There will be a couple of talks and we will hold a Lotus 2 friendly competition

My friend Francis from PXLmod will be there to recap Amiga motherboards (and others) all day long. If you need a recap, you have to book with us, he's usually pretty busy

Everybody's welcome !
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Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 15 February 2018 00:12

AspireOS 2.0 Codename: Titan

Open source AmigaOS clone for i386 computers. This is a great and cheap alternative if you want a modern Amiga like system. There are lots of games and software for this OS. In this AspireOS live-cd I have only included software that are well tested and important to get stared.

Drivers are limited and it might not even boot with your hardware. For a trouble free experience I recommend ACER aspire one 110, 150 or zg5.

This OS can be used for most modern tasks. Media player, web-browser, gfx and audio software are included. Legacy Amiga software like DOpus 5.

This is a ISO file that you can burn to a CD or DVD. After that is done you have a live-CD that you can boot from any i386 hardware with optical drive.

For more info please visit

AspireOS 2.0 Codename: Titan Download
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PFS3AIO v3.0 Final
Posted by Toni Wilen - 11 February 2018 16:28
PFS3AIO 3.0 final is now available from Aminet.


- Bug fixes, including finally fixed nasty bug causing Wrong Index Block ID
(and others) if partition was >=5G and lots of small files were created
very quickly, for example unpacking archive with thousands of small files.
This bug has most likely existed since PFS3 introduced >=5G partition
- Compiled with m68k optimized GCC 6
(, 16k smaller than
previous pfs3aio.
- Some HD controllers modify MaxTransfer after filesystem has been
initialized, which was ignored by previous versions.
- Automatic max transfer limit is only enabled if scsi.device version is v36
or newer and older than v50.
- Limit Direct SCSI mode max transfer size to 65535 blocks (~32MB).
- Automatically attempt to increase number of buffers if all buffers are in
use and more buffers are required.
- Added support for new OS 3.1.4 filesystem mount flags. (SCSIDIRECT,
- Shows more detailed information in error requesters (access mode, start
block, end block, SCSI details if SCSI Direct)
- Includes unsupported and experimental >104G partition support. Shows
warning if enabled during formatting.
- ACTION_DIE (unmount) stability fix.
- Filename changed from pfs3_aio-handler to pfs3aio.


PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #7 (Yet another attempt of final....)

PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #7

- ACTION_DIE (unmount) was replied too early, KillDev that comes with IDEFix crashed with memory list corruption.
- Test #2 TD64/NSD test fix didn't make any sense, was reverted.
- Also add sometimes used PFS\1 and PDS\1 to FileSystem.resource.


PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #6 (still bugs found, It looks like I'll never finish this....)

PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #6

- OS 3.1.4 SCSIDIRECT option READ CAPACITY bug fix.
- UNSAFEQUIT was not set, it should be or ACTION_DIE with open handles could cause crashes. (Was set in AROS version)
- ACTION_DIE crash fixed (StackSwap start/exit code was rewritten for non-AROS version, of course it had a bug..)
- Previously failed init (for example if OpenDevice() failed) caused pfs3 to wait forever. Now it returns error and exits normally.


PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #5 (#4 wasn't final after all, added lost v2 features)

- pfs3aio is again rommable and loadmodule etc.. compatible. Feature was lost during AROS gcc to "normal" gcc port.
- pfs3aio-custom is also included again. Version for drivers that have broken filesystem loader and assume single hunk and no relocation entries.


PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #4 (probably almost final)

- Added embedded struct Resident, enables c:version <device name>: to report name and version.
- Added access mode id and also full sense data if Direct SCSI mode to read/write error messages.
- Removed not very useful "Make sure disk is inserted" part in read/write error messages.
- Removed code duplication, combined separate disk.c read/write functions which were nearly identical.

Access mode IDs: 1 = standard, 2 = Direct SCSI, 3 = TD64, 4 = NSD


PFS3AIO 3.0 Test #3

- Direct SCSI writes failed with error requester if it needed max transfer splitting (test #2)
- Limit Direct SCSI mode max transfer to 65535 blocks (~32MB) which is READ(10) and WRITE(10) max.


PFS3AIO v3.0 Test #2

Don't use, see post #42.

- TD64/NSD capability test was not detected as failed if DoIO() succeeded but test read buffer was not modified.
- Added support for new OS 3.1.4 filesystem mount flags. (SCSIDIRECT, SUPERFLOPPY and DISABLENSD). (Don't ask me!)
- Include "PFS3AIO" in embedded version string.
- Added more information (accessed block, start and end of partition block) to out of bounds access error requesters.


PFS3AIO v3.0 Test #1 (Based on v19 PFS3)

- Finally 100% fixes wrong index block (and similar) errors, see below for details. Thanks to Michiel Pelt for helping to find this nasty bug.
- Fixed two (probably) harmless off-by-one bugs.
- Compiled with m68k optimized GCC 6 (, 17k smaller than previous pfs3aio.
- Some HD controllers modify MaxTransfer after filesystem has been initialized which was ignored by previous versions.
- Automatic 0x20000 max transfer limit is only enabled if scsi.device version is v36 or newer and older than v50.
- Automatically attempt to increase number of buffers if all buffers are in use and more buffers are required.
- Includes experimental >104G partition support. Shows warning if enabled during formatting.

Includes all previous pfs3aio features:

- Full KS 1.x compatibility.
- 68000+ compatible.
- TD64, NSD and Direct SCSI supported and autodetected.
and more...

Souces available from (and pfsdoctor)
Source tree also includes experimental >4G file size (48 bit file length field) support but it is not enabled in this version. Contact me if you want to test it.

>104G partition support and >4G file size support requires reformat and on-disk structures are not anymore compatible with old PFS3 or PFSDoctor versions. ( Note: command line only, no GUI like in official pfsdoctor)

Official version will be released in few weeks or so.


This version 100% fixes very old (has at least existed since commercial 18.x versions, possibly much longer) bug that causes wrong index block and similar errors when creating lots of new files/dirs quickly. PFSDoctor also reports errors, for example "x reserved blocks not used but allocated".

Trigger condition:
- >=5G partition size ("super index" partition mode)
- Lots of small files created quickly (for example unpacking archive with thousands of small files, for example EmeraldMines_v1.0_CD.lha)
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One more chance for Amy-ITX
Posted by Magic - 10 February 2018 21:12
It looks like you can register your interest for one more chance to buy an Amy-ITX motherboard. There is also an 030 board with fast IDE and an Ethernet card.
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